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Security Solution
Anti Virus & Anti Spam Solution

Ever think how much effort you are giving to remove spam and provide antivirus solution to your mail server? Come to dhakaCom Antivirus and Antispam solution world and experience a new dimension Antivirus and Antispam solution. Besides enhancing your email delivery and acting as a back-up for your incoming mails when your incoming mail server is down, dhakaCom Antivirus and Antispam Email Protection Gateway service provides you with email virus scanning protection prevent known viruses from entering the domain of your corporate infrastructure.

This is a fully managed service without requiring your investment in additional hardware or software or IT resources for your own mail infrastructure. With dhakaCom Antivirus Email Protection Gateway service, for all incoming and outgoing emails, your emails are safe from virus and you are free from mail delivery hassle even when your mail servers are down.


Increase in Productivity: Increase productivity of staff by removing harmful emails and resources wasted for recovering from virus attacks.

Incoming Email Receipt Back-up: You can continue to be in touch with your business partners and staff by leveraging on dhakaCom reliable and efficient mail infrastructure. dhakaCom spam and antivirus solution also act as a backup mail server. When your mail server is down, the backup server will queue your mail for 30 days if your primary mail server is down.

Cost-Savings: There is no need for you to invest any additional hardware, software or IT resources in your own mail infrastructure.

Save Internet Bill: Imagine the amount of International internet that your mail server consumes dealing with spam and virus mails. This amount of bandwidth will be saved using our Antivirus/ Antispam solution.

Peace of Mind: Not only are you free from technical complexity to focus on core competencies when using a fully managed service backed by dhakaCom robust infrastructure.

Ease of Use: SACP provides user-friendly web-based administration portal to allow your administrator to select user to be activated with virus-scanning and spam alert features and perform administration for your users.

Product Features:

• Protection against email virus attacks 24 hours X 7 days. Infected attachments will be removed automatically and a notification will be sent to you.
• No Additional software required.
• Full integration with your existing email system without the need for any additional configuration.
• Automatic update of new virus strain.
DDoS Protection

SACP DDos protection provide mitigation of various web threats which includes:
• HTTP Denial of Service tools - e.g. Low Orbit Ion Cannon.
• Vulnerability Scanning - e.g. Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner, Metasploit Pro, Nessus.
• Web exploits.
• Spiders, Crawlers and other robotic evil.

Managed Security Service

SACP provides complete customized security services to the specific requirement of individual organization. Our offerings include assessments of an organization’s current security infrastructure, promotion of best security practices, standards-based training and certification, and technical assistance throughout deployment and implementation of security solutions.
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