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Visit Srimangal
Srimangal is a small town known as the tea capital of Bangladesh as most tea gardens are here. Srimangal set in gently rolling hills, surrounded by lush tea estates and fruit gardens is an oasis of tranquillity. A short stay at a tea estate would be a highlight of any visit to Bangladesh. Daniel B. Haber and Anthony R. Dalton, both writers, described it as "Nearer to Heaven". It is called "The land of two leaves and a bud" and also camellia, green carpet or tea mountain. The terraced tea garden, pineapple, rubber and lemon plantations form a beautiful landscape. A few steps into the estates, the nice smells and green beauty will lead you many kilometres away.
The high percentage of tribal people has increased the attraction of this place. Tripura, Garo, Khasia and Monipuri are among them. Monipuri is famous for its colourful culture and traditional weaving Khasia tribe is famous for their betel leaf cultivation. The spectacular Madhubpur Lake surrounded by lush tea estates and full of water lilies is unique.    
Lawachherra Rainforest, only a few kilometres from Srimangal town, is an important and well-reserved forest in Bangladesh. Here visitors may see gibbon swimming through the trees and birds like bee-eater, owls and parrots. It should not be missed especially for bird-watchers. The terrain is hilly and vegetation is fairly thick.

A lot of pineapple and lemon plantations in "Pineapple and Lemon Valley" is another important feature in Srimangal.
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